Bacon Art Gallery
Foundation Exhibition
January 2017

An exercise in concept and creative thinking. Using only found images in print magazines, the idea of connection and completion was explored. The task was to show the relationship in which a person, place, thing, or idea somehow linked or associated with something else. The second example demonstrated the action or process finished by something else.

This challenging task developed rapidly after the serendipitous discovery of a fish fillet in a cooking magazine. The radiating lines of the fillet were reminiscent of a zebra, giraffe, or possibly a tiger; it was simply a matter of finding one of those animals for comparison. In a kids animal magazine was a feature on giraffes, it was that moment that the similarity became uncanny. The idea of completion was found in a couple of science type magazines in which articles about dinosaurs and space provided the fodder for an almost seamless image.

These pieces promote the idea of the inter-connectivity of the world while simultaneously meaning nothing at all. It can be read as a conversation on how species can be wildly different yet oddly similar, a demonstration on how the world is related incredibly close and extremely far, or could simply be a fun design for a pair of hipster leggings.